Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Whoo

Owls rule! I hear them in the woods behind our house on warm nights. You see them in art everywhere. How about hooking some?

From Primitive Spirit, Owl Babies is a set of 3 paper patterns for adorable little 5-1/2" hooked, heart-shaped pals to sit in a bookshelf, as a pincushion on your sewing table, grouped in an old wooden bowl, etc., etc. Pattern set - $10.00. I made the middle guy, so cute with little tufted ears! He/she was really fun and fast to hook and finish.

Also from Primitive Spirit, the three hooked stockings, Greygown, Hortensia, and Bronwyn, are designs drawn on premium linen and sell for $39.00 each. All are 12" x 17" and come with color picture and illustrated finishing instructions. I'm trying to decide which one I want to make.

Whoo loves these as much as I do?

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