Friday, April 9, 2010


TTFN stands for "Ta ta for now", which my dad would always say whenever we would leave to go out with our friends or in later years when we would go home after a visit. Two of my brothers have taken to using it too. As I was trying to figure out what text to superimpose on this vintage postcard the phrase popped into my head.

Anyway, just a note to say that I'll be away for a few days beginning on Sunday. My husband has an annual business conference down in Massachusetts and I always go along because it is around the time of my mother's birthday. We celebrate with as many family members as we can wrangle up. I'll get to see my mom of course, my handsome and talented son Russell and his girlfriend, two of my three brothers, one of my aunts and uncle and last but not least my nephew Colin and eight-month-old niece Jade, whom I haven't seen or held since before Christmas. We'll be back the middle of next week and order shipping will resume on Thursday.

Have a great spring weekend!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

I love these vintage postcards. I looked for one that had all the animals that we associate with spring - lamb, chick, rabbit. They've even got some 4-leaf clovers to munch.

My husband has taken to saying, "Hoppy Easter" and gets a grand kick out of saying it to everyone. So, I'm borrowing his phrase to wish all of you a "Hoppy Easter" as well! With temperatures predicted to be well up into the 70s today, we will be cooking our Easter meal on the grill - butterflied pork tenderloin - try this on the grill, it's wonderful! We'll have that with a typical spring veggie, steamed asparagus and also some roasted baby Yukon Gold potatoes. My husband is not big on ham. I think I'll make a nice chocolate chip banana bread too, and I really need to share that recipe, it's the best I've ever had. In a future blog post!

I know it's spring when the April Wool Street Journal arrives at my door! I love the cover rug hooked by editor Bonnie Smith, a Warren Kimble design called "Yankee Clipper". While this is not one of the free patterns in the magazine there are several others, as well as one for needlepunch and lots and lots of color pictures of beautiful rugs. It's like a rug show in every issue! I bought extra to bring to my spring rug shows so hopefully won't sell out anytime soon.

Breakfast is calling my name - eggs, bacon, toast and a little fruit to start the day, then some yard work. Anything to be outside on what is shaping up to be a gorgeous, sunny Easter day in Maine - raking and pruning are OK by me if I can be outdoors! Hope you enjoy your day too.

Hoppy Easter!