Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Finishes!

It got finished! This is the pattern cover picture I created for my new hooked paper pattern set, Warm Hearts, that I debuted at this past weekend's hook-in. There are two hooked projects: Warm Hearts, the 3-heart rectangular rug, shown attached to the old wooden box that inspired my color plan, and Hearts All Around, an 8" round hooked mat. Included are the two full-sized line renditions of the hooked projects - no hooking how-tos, knowledge of transferring patterns onto rug backing and hooking skills are assumed. The samples pictured were hooked in a #8 cut and I went for a neutral color plan with an assortment of browns and creams, both as-is and hand-dyed wools from my stash. The pattern set retails for $12.00. I was really excited to sell some at the hook-in, and one woman who bought the pattern actually wanted to buy the round mat!

What's the buzz?? Another finish of mine before the hook-in was Lori Brechlin's Honey Bee Hooked Chair Pad. Everybody's hooking this one, it's great! It got a lot of attention. This was my first time using those quilly eyes, which I love, and I gave the bee's body a scrappy sort of look with all my autumn-colored worms. What a fun hooked piece! I have the pattern for sale on my web site, a paper pattern, retailing for $12.00.

More buzz - this is a little hooked bee skep pin that I made some time ago. I made a bunch of kits for this that are available on my web site for $10. The kits include #6 wool strips in various colors, a bit of dark brown wool roving (I needlefelted the bee skep's opening), a pin back, piece of wool backing for the pin, piece of cardboard (optional to give the pin some stability), full instructions to make the pin and of course the line drawing for you to transfer onto your favorite rug backing. Feel free to make several to sell at shows, but please don't copy and share patterns!

Whew! Seems I've been hooking up a storm lately! I plan to continue! Practice makes perfect, right? I saw lots of perfect this weekend, and I'm determined to refine my technique and bring some designs to life that I've got on paper. But, I think my next project will be something for my granddaughter, Sophie. It just so happens quite a bit of different pink wools made their way home with me last weekend...

Happy Hooking!


newburyarts said...

*****everything looks great! the groups on saturday and sunday were
what this craft form should be all about...good hooking, great colors and the interest to learn from one another. just the shot in the arm
we all needed...now maybe there should be camp wool workshops! leann will faint! cheers.......tom

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

I just love bees and bee skeps! I love the colors in your mat. When a bunch of people are working on the same pattern in blogland it is so fun to see how everyone is tackling it! I can't wait to start on mine.