Friday, December 16, 2011


Based on my pain level after having some teeth extracted on Monday, I could probably go for one of these right about now! Amazing that they existed, huh? And Coca-Cola used to be made with cocaine too back in the day. Hope things calm down soon and I can get some much-needed sleep! As a result, orders recently received have been leaving more slowly than in previous weeks. I need my helpful hubby to play delivery man, but this is after I do the processing, picking and paperwork, which I'm not always feeling up to with a screaming jaw! That said, I appreciate your patience and thank you for your orders. My delivery man will hopefully get some packages off to the post office this afternoon, as I know Christmas shipping deadlines are only days away.

Enjoy your weekend,


Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Feel better Wendy - that is a funny ad. I have been having a lot of neck/back pain, I wonder if it would help with that? lol

Karen said...

Ouch! My mother used to give me Cocoa Cola syrup for a cough. You bought it over the counter from a druggist.

kelley said...

Hope you're feeling some relief from the pain Wendy...I had two teeth extracted last month and was lucky to have little pain...it was the abcess before that about killed me!

Merry Christmas