Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Call for Mail!

Need a few last-minute things for Christmas giving? There's still time - but not much! Here's the US Postal Service's domestic mailing deadlines:

First Class - Tues., Dec. 20th
Priority Mail - Wed., Dec. 21st
Express Mail - Thurs., Dec. 22nd

Of course, the USPS doesn't guarantee that anything mailed by these deadlines will absolutely be delivered by Christmas. It's always a little bit of a gamble, but any orders I have in-house will be shipped accordingly. Then it's up to the mailman!

I love old antique glass ornaments like this Santa delivering mail. Sadly, I have no idea where our family's collection ended up after my dad passed away several years ago and the house was sold. My mother has since moved twice, so maybe they're in storage. I hope we see them again. We had some great old classic ornaments. At one time they hung on one of those aluminum Christmas trees, you know, the ones that had the color wheel and the whole tree would change colors every few seconds? Back in the sixties I guess! My brothers and I would sit and marvel at the wonderful tree. These days I love my real evergreen tree, this year a 4' one on a table in the living room. It'll hold my collection of primitive and folk art ornaments and some glass ones I've come across over my adult years. It's an eclectic assortment, but somehow everything works together. Sitting on top is the most wonderful primitive Santa tree topper, an old Netty LaCroix pattern.

I have the new Wool Street Journal January 2012 issue. Only five right now, I may get more if these sell quickly.

Just a note to say Thank You for your continued patronage this year! It's a tough economy and many of us don't have the money to indulge our creative passions the way we used to. I sincerely appreciate that you come back time after time to buy what tugs at your primitive heart strings!

Have a blessed holiday season!


Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Hi Wendy - I posted the link for the recipe for the cream cheese pastries. I'll be posting links for all the recipes I used this year as I finish doing the pics. thanks - they are really good!

Simply Wendy said...

Thanks Joni, and Merry Christmas!