Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something Old, Something New

"Make new friends, but keep the old; One is silver, the other is gold." - traditional Girl Scouts song

I have new friends and old friends on my web site - three new needlepunch patterns from Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread, and some of their returning favorites for upcoming holidays - yes, I said it, upcoming! It's almost October for goodness' sake!

New are Tending the Pumpkins, a nice punch needle pocket design, Wool Farm (for all you wool lovers, and aren't we all?), and Pumpkin Hill (for all you pumpkin lovers, and again, aren't we all?). Returning favorites include Glad Tidings, a multi-project pack, Blessed Harvest, the most wonderful white pumpkin with a turkey, Olde World St. Nick and Ho Ho Ho, two great St. Nick wool applique patterns that I rediscover every year.

Well, it was bound to happen... My first sell-out of Maggie Bonanomi's wild hit, Buttonwood Farm. But, fear not - all my pre-orders for the book shipped - see how GREAT pre-ordering is? It helps me so much! I ordered two dozen beyond all my pre-orders, and POUF! Just like that. Back to the fearing not - more are on the way, and for those who ordered after they went out of stock, I'll throw in the bonus Spooky Threads book as a little condolence prize for having to wait a few extra days.

The good news is that I've heard that Kansas City Star will also be sending my order of Victory Girls as they have them ready to ship. So, those pre-orders will be heading out just as soon as I get my hands on those boxes. The UPS guy commented on the four heavy boxes of books he delivered recently - little does he know he's going to have a repeat performance!

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, y'all. Cooler temps, lovely really cool nights and the flannel sheets are BACK! Love it! Fall fairs are coming up and I'll get to be up close and personal with all the animals again. What a great time of year! Enjoy!

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