Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Patience!

I finally have book covers for Maggie Bonanomi's new book, Buttonwood Farm, and Renee Plains' Stitches from the Schoolhouse. They both look GREAT and I'm having a huge attack of impatience! Can't wait to get my hands on these and settle in with my coffee to absorb every single page! These and two other upcoming books (see a couple of posts ago) are enabled for pre-ordering. Pre-orders will get free shipping and a free bonus book, Need'l Love's classic Spooky Threads, while supplies last. This time I'm even springing for splitting shipping costs for international customers, so you guys get a chance at a pre-order deal this time around.

Can't believe so many folks are still recovering from the effects of hurricane Irene! My thoughts are with you and hope you can get back to some degree of normalcy soon. I feel kind of guilty whining about our loss of power for 2-1/2 days when others are totally stranded, flooded or lost their crops due to the heavy winds and rain.

Take good care,

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