Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

Fall officially arrived early this morning, 5:05am ET to be exact. It's probably my absolute favorite time of the year, and I think that holds true for most of you, too. The leaves are really starting to turn here in Maine, pumpkins and mums are everywhere and the fall fairs are beginning all over the state. Now that the heat of summer is a fading memory, thoughts are turning from the beach and working in the garden to indoor craft projects. Enter more new arrivals - Need'l Love's Pumpkin Patch Threads is back in stock, as well as some of Need'l Love's classic autumn and holiday Threads books and two of their "Simply" booklets, Santa Moon and Scare the Crows. All but Pumpkin Patch Threads are at reduced prices.

Have a great fall weekend!

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