Thursday, May 14, 2009

Totally LOST!

My head is still spinning after watching all three delicious hours of the LOST season finale last night! Today the blogs, articles and forums are blazing with theories and predictions based on new characters and even more questions about what turn the sixth and final season will take next year. And yes, that's right - next year!! We have to wait an agonizing nine months (geez, I could have a kid!) before getting another serving of beefcake and intrigue! By beefcake I'm of course talking about "Sawyer", played by Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox's "Jack". "Sayid" isn't too bad himself, although I'd be a bit scared of him. These guys are worth the price of admission alone!

As much as I'd love to speculate about the finale myself I don't want to be a spoiler if you didn't get to see it! I plan to watch it a second time on ABC's web site so I can concentrate on some of the little "Easter eggs" those clever writers sprinkled into the scenes like the seasoning on a gourmet dish. One thing I hope at the end of next season is that someone writes all this down in a book or plots the whole storyline out on a flowchart or something. I just can't keep all this time travel straight!

Staying up 'til 11pm didn't make for a very productive day at work today but I'll crawl under the covers after watching the Hell's Kitchen finale on Fox soon. My money's on Paula but my husband thinks Danny will prevail. I've heard Gordon Ramsay likes the ladies so I'm holding fast on my bet. With all the finales going on I guess summer must really be coming - then we'll have the mindless summer programming like "Wipe Out!" on ABC.

I'd rather spend my summer LOST on a tropical island somewhere in time... with Sawyer!!

Good night!


WoolenSails said...

I never watched that show when it started and then I saw the one that gave a recap and explained things, so I got hooked;)


Wendy Walsh, www.simplefolk.com said...

I've been watching since the very beginning. It's been quite a ride! Can't believe there will only be one more season. I'll have to keep looking for Josh Holloway in more TV shows or movies!