Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pretty Bird!

Isn't this a beautiful bird? I happened to spot something red out of the corner of my eye from the bedroom window this morning. At first I thought it might be a cardinal but it was too bright. Turns out this guy is a Scarlet Tanager. My husband grabbed the digital camera and took a couple of pictures (not the one here - don't I wish we took this one!) so we could enlarge it to have a closer look. A quick Google search turned up the answer.

We found a web site with bird songs and heard what this bird sounds like. Really cool - www.learnbirdsongs.com. It was fun to listen to different birds and recognize their songs that we hear all the time!

Preparations to do battle with our recently-discovered lawn grubs has begun! We had a few laughs today after we bought some lawn aerator shoes and walked around our property this afternoon. Tomorrow night we'll apply some grub killer on the front section and work on the rest each evening after work. Ah, the joys of yard work!

Have a great week - I'm expecting some new patterns from Country Stitches soon so stay tuned for news on that.

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