Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summah's Almost Over!

Have you used your 30% SUMMAH discount yet? There's still time - orders placed through midnight Sunday, June 3rd using the SUMMAH discount code at check-out (not case-sensitive) will get a 30% discount off the entire order, sale items included! Already ordered but still want something? Use the code again if you like! Family and friends are welcome to use it too.

You've probably seen these cute mail trucks in your neighborhood. This is my new job these days, as a Rural Mail Carrier for the town of Freeport, Maine. Not full-time, just a fill-in, but it's helping "plug the dike" in these tricky economic times. This is traditionally a slow time for fiber art retailers, and it seems this year belts are tighter than ever. I've just started delivering the route this week and it's been a real learning experience, especially since my career has been in the information technology field lo these past 30 years! I'm up for the challenge though, and in lieu of finding something where I can use my career skills I'm working hard and trying to have fun too. So, Freeport residents, give me a wave if you see the truck coming! It might be me driving!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It's June already!


Robin said...

I always wanted to be a mail person...lol..really !!
I took advantage of your SUMMAH sale and got my lovely primitive linen ...Thank you, it's wonderful !

acorn hollow said...

Not a bad job when the weather is great.