Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Little Bird Told Me...

Say that again?
Maggie Bonanomi has another new book coming out?
What's it called again?
A Day at Sunny Brook: Primitive Projects to Recall Home Life in the 1800s?
(BTW, how did you remember all that, little bird?)

Yes, it's true! I've heard it from a number of other non-avian sources too. Kansas City Star will release a new Maggie book next month! The woman is a primitive project machine! Are you excited? Me, too! So, I've started taking pre-orders as I've done in the past. The book can be pre-ordered now, and as a Thank You for pre-ordering and helping me determine how many books to buy, you'll get free shipping when the books arrive and orders start flying to their new homes. It looks like the retail will be $25.95. (Sorry, but pre-orders for this new book are not eligible for the SUMMAH 30% discount that is winding up tonight.) I'll post a picture of the book cover as soon as one is available. Several folks have already pre-ordered sight unseen because they know anything from Maggie will be fabulous!

Isn't this a beautiful little bird? I found the picture online so don't know what kind it is. I love the colors. In the past week I've seen a mama Ruffed Grouse with a brood of babies crossing the road (in front of my mail truck) and my husband saw a Red-Winged Blackbird on his way home from work. I noticed a little orange salamander in my garden the other day. All the wildlife are out loving spring!

Enjoy the waning hours of your weekend. Hope yours wasn't as soggy as ours has been here in Maine. Wet, raw... Perfect for a little baking (banana bread is in the oven) or a nap, which is what my snoring husband chose!

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