Friday, January 28, 2011

UPS came early

The UPS man came with an early delivery of Maggie Bonanomi's new Book of Days. Last night I was busy beginning the processing of all those pre-orders - THANK YOU for pre-ordering! They date back to January 14th and a big group is being shipped this afternoon. It will take me through early to mid-next week to get them all out the door. Thank you as always for your patience as I'm sure you're all aware that I'm a one-woman show here at Simple Folk! ;-) Plus, as things usually work out for me in my life, I've got a hook-in to vend tomorrow so will lose a day at the post office.

Also, every book in my first shipment of three dozen is spoken for in pre-orders so I've already placed an order for a second shipment, which shouldn't take long to receive.

So, now that the books are available the pre-order free shipping has ended. Orders placed for this book beginning today, Friday the 28th, will incur normal shipping charges.

Thanks again for the pre-orders and I hope you enjoy Maggie's new book! Now that I've seen it and the supply list I'll be working to acquire some of the things you'll need to build your own book so watch for news about that.

Happy Friday!

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