Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Book of Your Own

Another new book from Maggie Bonanomi is on the way, yippee! Book of Days is a book about making your very own, homemade book - a journal, a diary, scrapbook, whatever you can imagine. Here's what Maggie says in the book's introduction about this wonderful, primitive project:

This book, designed to be a Book of Days, is very basic and primitive. It has 25 pages - four per month - with a front page and a back page. The covers are wool-covered cardboard with some appliqué added.

The Book of Days is designed with a non specific year, which can make it a great place to keep a record of important occasions, birthdays and anniversaries. You can use it as you wish – as a journal, a baby book, a memory book to send off with an adult child leaving for college or moving away. Adapt it for your own life or special occasion. You might want it to be a book about quilt projects or rug hooking with photos from guild meetings or rug camps.

I am offering a pre-order option for this book, priced at $14.95. As in the past, I will give free shipping for pre-orders. If pre-paid via PayPal I will refund shipping charges to your PayPal account. I need to check on the book's availability, but I believe it will be shipped towards the end of January. If this is not accurate I'll post a correction.

Can't wait for this one!

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