Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting LOST

How appropriate that the focus of last night's episode of LOST dealt with the highest vote-getter in my recent LOST poll? I thought Sawyer was going to be the absolute, hands-down winner, but John Locke got a "spoiler" vote at the last minute! I do like the Locke character too, and Terry O'Quinn is a treat to watch. But... My heart belongs to that bad boy Sawyer! And the bonus was that we got to see him sans shirt a couple of times too! I am really enjoying how the characters' lives intertwine, both on and off the island. It will be sad to see the show end! Really looking forward to seeing Richard's story next Tuesday night.

Tonight I'll be happy to have "Flash Forward" back again after it's long break. Must have been due to the Olympics I guess. So, I'm off to pack a few orders before settling in to get back into the story - 2 whole hours!

Enjoy your evening - maybe I'll even talk fiber arts next time!

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