Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I've been blog-hopping the past couple of days, even though my blog hadn't been updated since last week. Many times I just can't figure out what to say. So, I went surfing around to see what other folks are posting about.

What I found on lots of blogs was that people seem to have lots of time - time to take pictures of the snow, their gardens, even what they're making for dinner! I imagined going out and taking these pictures, uploading them from my camera to the computer, cropping them to a manageable size and posting them to the blog. I'm thinking these folks don't have full-time jobs and do have lots of helpers!

My blog probably won't boast a lot of personal pictures, food I'm making for dinner or cute pets. I'll post the occasional recipe with a picture I find on the internet maybe, and if I have time, a new product or two. I stole time away from things I should have been doing just to get these two clock graphics so I'd have pictures to show!

I've always felt like time is somehow different for everyone else, that I routinely get robbed of my time and never have enough. What's my day like?

5:45 - Up and in the shower, make-up, dress and dry hair.
7:00 - Take my morning pills, grab my lunch and out the door.
7:20 - Stop at Starbucks for a latte on my way to work.
7:30 - Start my day as a software developer.
11:00 - Exercise at my company's in-house gym (this is my lunchtime).
11:45 - Lunch while I work.
4:00 - Quitting time!
4:30 - Make dinner, eat and clean up after.
6:45 - Head upstairs to get on the computer, check for orders.
9:00 - Can't think anymore, off to bed to start it all again.

That little sliver of time from 6:45 'til about 9:00 or 10:00 if I'm feeling peppy is all I have for:
- updating my web site
- processing orders and packing them for shipping the next day
- answering emails
- updating this blog
- "tweeting" and thinking about getting active on Facebook
- possibly sending out a newsletter for Simple Folk or Quilt Fun, another newsletter I produce
- searching for new products, buying
- trying desperately to find time to work on my own projects!

There was no mention of housework or other household errands in that list. That's apparently what weekends are for! A surprisingly small amount of spare time is found on weekends for any creative pursuits after grocery shopping, housework, cooking, laundry and spending quality time with my husband.

Sorry to be so glum tonight, maybe I'm in a post-holiday funk but I'm feeling squeezed these days, even more than usual, for whatever reason! Perhaps getting out of January will help!

Good night!

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