Friday, January 1, 2010

A Finished Project

This is a little 8" primitive hooked mat that I finished a few weeks ago for a hooked mat swap that the rug guild I below to, Maine Tin Pedlars, was supposed to be having at the December meeting. At the last minute my husband and I decided to travel down to Massachusetts to have an early Christmas with my family and I was unable to go to the meeting. I understand the mat swap didn't take place because most folks hadn't completed theirs in time. Just as well - I've grown attached to my little red tulip and may not want to part with it at all! The swap is due to take place at some future date. I've got time to make something else. This is actually my first finished hooked piece! The tulip in a yellow ware bowl was inspired by a similar design by Betty Dekat (primitivebettys on eBay) that she needlepunched and made into a sand-filled pincushion atop a little round painted and distressed papier mache box that I love and use all the time.

What's next? I've been banging around the house today, not very motivated at all, watching the snow lazily fall, wondering what I should work on next. I have several ideas sketched out but might just try to work on a hooked eyeglass case design by Karen Kahle (Primitive Spirit) from the book, Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers. Looks like it should work up quickly, and generally I'm all about things that work up quickly! As much as I would love to someday create a large rug I'm not sure if I'll ever get beyond a chairpad-size piece! Speaking of chairpads, I have one that I really want to hook from Peyton Primitives. It will look super on one of my black and maple kitchen counter stools. Now I'll have to design two more to coordinate with it.

What are you working on? Now that the holidays are over, what projects are your thoughts turning to? Any plans to pick up a new craft this year?

I've promised my husband a chicken pot pie made from scratch today so I guess I'd better decide when that should commence! It's a rather preparation-intensive recipe, and the kitchen will be littered with dirty cooking utensils afterwards. My last cooking extravaganza for the holiday season!

Have a great New Year's Day! Cheers,

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