Sunday, November 22, 2009

Information Gathering

Oh my gosh... Has it really been THAT LONG since I posted something here?? Egads! In all that time school started up again, my husband had a birthday and we took a vacation in the White Mtns of New Hampshire, I vended at a great new hook-in up here in Maine hosted by Camp Wool, Hallowe'en came and went as did Veteran's Day. How time (and crows) fly! And now Thanksgiving is this week...

I'm starting to think about 2010 these days and the direction I want to take.

So, last week I sent out a customer survey to get some feedback about buying habits and general information about what people are doing these days. The results have been very interesting and eye-opening, and I plan to share them in much more detail in the coming weeks. I'm also giving a 15% discount coupon good for an order placed after New Year's. Would you like to take the survey if you haven't already? There's a link on my What's New page where you can answer the seven questions and provide additional comments if you like. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

Thanksgiving will be busy for me with lots of family members coming north and south to converge on our house for the big meal. That meant this weekend was spent spit-shining the place as my mom and youngest brother have never seen our house yet. Tuesday and Wednesday will be baking nights with banana and cranberry breads made on Tuesday. Wednesday is traditionally "pie night" when I do my pumpkin and apple pies and try to prepare as much other stuff ahead as possible. Another dessert will be my "famous" apple-cranberry crisp and can be totally put together ahead in a nice glass baking dish and refrigerated, covered with plastic wrap until after the big meal. Then it's only a matter of microwaving it for about 15 minutes, break out the whipped cream and frozen yogurt and let 'em have at it! Oh, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it all! What are your traditional Thanksgiving preparations? Or are you dining out and letting someone else do all the work? That's fun too!

It continues to be a challenge working full-time and trying to maintain a web-based business and all that goes along with it, but I'm keeping my head above water for now. The coming weeks will be busy getting a hooked mat finished for a rug guild swap in mid-December as well as a craft fair at my work for which I committed to making some ornaments and needlepunched pins. Tough to get motivated after working all day and having to prepare a meal, clean up after and try to wind down from the day. Hopefully I can pull a rabbit out of my hat and get everything done so I can enjoy the final weeks leading up to Christmas! I'll post a picture of my little mat, a primitive tulip inspired by one on a needlepunched pincushion I bought from Betty Dekat (primitivebettys) on eBay a few years ago. It's great hooking practice for me but I hope it looks good enough for someone to want to swap at the guild party!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and I promise to be back again soon!

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