Saturday, November 28, 2009

The After Thanksgiving Let-Down

Sigh... It was over in a flash! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, so cozy and warm with wonderful smells of the meal cooking all day, candles flickering on tables and countertops, a flurry of activity as the meal comes together all at once, and the always-too-short time to visit with family. This year was extra-special because we had my mom and youngest brother up from Massachusetts who've never seen our new house up here in Maine. They came up on The Downeaster from Boston. My middle brother and girlfriend came down from the Bar Harbor area and my son was also up from Massachusetts with his girlfriend. We had overnight guests both Wednesday and Thursday nights. I loved having a house full of family! It was great fun spoiling and entertaining them and I realized how much I miss doing that! I was the one who hosted all the holidays back home in Massachusetts and when it's just my husband and me it always feels like something is missing.

My son left Thanksgiving evening after dessert and the rest of us went over to Freeport and had breakfast out before bringing my mom and brother back down to Portland to the train station. We saw them off and all of a sudden it was over - we were alone again! It was pouring buckets of rain on Friday, a very gloomy day that just reinforced the gloom we felt knowing that the holiday was over. Last night I was back to listening to every creek and bump that this house makes, feeling very lonesome and homesick! I'll get over it I suppose. We'll see some of the folks at Christmas in a few more weeks. Then we'll have the BIG let-down! But, we'll save that whining for next month...

So, I meant to get some sale items figured out for Black Friday but was enjoying my company too much! I managed to get an email sent out late last night announcing a Thanksgiving weekend sale.

Check out my What's New page on the web site for details. Just to recap, both the Cameo and Super Luxo punchneedles are at 15% off and I've posted some hand-dyed wool roving from Kindred Spirits as well as some patterns using needlefelting techniques.

Making a return to the Wool Applique/penny rug Pattern category are vintage holiday designs from Lake View Primitives. Shown is Under the Mistletoe. I've always loved Jackie Apessos' whimsical style and these patterns are classics. And they're also on sale!

Well, at least I have two more days off - Monday my husband and I are heading over to North Conway, NH for some tax-free shopping and general hanging out together. We are actually in a great location here in midcoast Maine. About 25 minutes from the coast and about an hour to the NH border and White Mountains. It's the best of both worlds! I just wish the weather forecast was a little brighter for Monday. We're expecting showery conditions most of the day. Hopefully there won't be snow over there. I know it's almost December but I'm never ready for the snow! So why am I living in Maine, you ask?? Because it's beautiful all year 'round, snow be darned. I accept it and deal with it! We planted tulips all along some big boulders at the side of our driveway back in October so that'll give me something to keep looking for as spring nears.

This is probably enough rambling for this day. I've got a dish of lasagna in the oven that'll be ready soon. It's a traditional after Thanksgiving meal for when we're "turkey'd out". Tomorrow we'll be making turkey soup - one of my favorite things about the holiday! No recipe, just winging it. Hope it turns out well!

I hope your Thanksgiving was just as special. We all have lots to be thankful for.

Take good care,

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