Monday, October 17, 2011

Natural Fibers and Zombies

Soft, subtle, elegant, natural... This is DMC linen embroidery floss, a unique fiber for your embroidery and needlepunch projects. Made with 100% European linen fibers in nine soft, muted shades to give your needlework a time-worn look and feel. There is just such a wonderful feel to this floss. 8.7 yards per skein. DMC has actually discontinued this floss so what I have is "it" for me.

And now, on to zombies! I've become addicted to AMC's original series, The Walking Dead, that premiered it's second season last night. What a great, suspenseful series! I watched the first four episodes of season one in two days on Amazon Instant Play - $1.99 an episode - and watched the last two on AMC last night before the new season began. My husband recorded the 90 minute premiere episode for me to watch today, after breakfast. Not to be watched while eating - anything! Wow - anyone else watching this?

I grew up with three brothers and we all loved dinosaurs, monsters and sci-fi. Two of my brothers went on to become horror and sci-fi authors - Jeffrey Thomas, author of the critically acclaimed Punktown, and Scott Thomas, author of Midnight in New England and the recent Quill and Candle. You can find their works on Amazon and in bookstores.

Enjoy your pre-Hallowe'en fun!

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