Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Wool Quilt

This is a fun and folky wool quilt by Buttermilk Basin called Potted Flower. Six floral blocks, some with crows, framed with sashing and an outer border. Personally, I feel the block background used for this model wasn't the best choice and doesn't translate well in the photograph, but I could see this done using a less mottled or solid sky-blue wool, or a scrappier look with various small-scale textured wools that would provide good contrast with whatever colors you choose for the flowers. The set includes six block patterns and a finishing instructions pattern, seven in total for a special price of $29.95. Finished size of this wool quilt is 32" x 57".

The rain and clouds should be leaving later today, thank goodness! My mood is definitely affected by gloomy days and I hope to feel better as the hours tick by! Have yourself a sunny day,

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