Monday, April 13, 2009

Starting Fresh

It's lambing season here in Maine and this is "Flash", the first new lamb born at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport (photo of Flash and mother Mo courtesy of Stacey Cramp). Wolfe's Neck Farm is looking for volunteers for "Lamb Watch" and I'm thinking about giving them a call. Three to six more new lambs are expected within the next couple of weeks. Volunteers can do shifts helping groom the expectant mother lambs or just hang out and keep an eye on them should things start happening. Wouldn't it be great to see a lamb being born?

Birth and re-birth - isn't that what Spring is all about? I've got the re-birth part covered by getting my blog back up and running. Hopefully I will keep up with it! Lately I was coaxed into getting on Facebook and have been out there almost every day posting my little statuses and comments. Then I got to thinking - it would be much more satisfying for me to return here and write something with a bit more substance. The whole "pursuit of creativity" thing - when my fiber art creativity is blocked there's always writing. Coming from a family of writers I guess it's in my blood!

Re-birth is also coming in the form of re-shaping Simple Folk. Like most businesses, especially the small ones like mine, I've been hit hard by the economy and I must admit I was blind-sided a year or so ago with a dramatic drop in sales at one particular quilt show I vended. This show had always been a great shot in the arm to all the vendors, but 2007 was not what any of us expected. I was left with loads of inventory that I'd purchased in anticipation of selling and the downward spiral had begun. That holiday season was not good and the entire year of 2008 saw a drastic drop in sales - and more inventory on-hand that remains unsold.

I've made a very good friend since moving up here to Maine, Kim Dubay, who has her own small business, Primitive Pastimes in North Yarmouth. She and I are something of kindred spirits, loving many of the same things. You know, the kind of friend whose sentences you can sometimes finish because you think so much alike? We have discussed at length on many occasions our businesses and a mutual growing feeling of needing to do something else, although we haven't figured out exactly what yet. But, I'm feeling a real yearning to pursue more creative ventures myself rather than merely maintaining a web site and packing orders. After seven years I feel it may be time to turn the page... Kim has helped me with my rug hooking skills (she is probably the most awesome rug hooker I know!) and I'm practicing diligently. I joined a local rug hooking chapter. My sketch pad is filled with ideas for all sorts of fiber artistry that need to be born - like my new friend Flash the lamb!

More on this metamorphosis as it unfolds. For now I think I'll give that farm in Freeport a call. I feel like celebrating spring!


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