Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Ugly They're Cute!

Meet two of my new BFFs: "Sprockets" and "Pendleton"! This "ugly" doll design is the brainchild of Kim Dubay of Primitive Pastimes. I was so taken with Sprockets, whose name came from a clothing tag that's stitched on her backside, that I just had to make one of my own! Now mind you, I'm a beginning hooker, but I thought this would be a relatively quick project to sort of cut my hooking teeth on. My version, a boy named "Pendleton" (named for a Pendleton sweater tag that will be stitched on his backside) is shown on the right. Kim's version is done in a #6 cut wool and obviously gets a finer definition with that. For mine I used an 8 cut which definitely gives a more primitive look. I think for my next doll I'll go for the 6 cut too. Pendleton is unfinished in this photo, still needs to be stuffed so he is shown simply turned right side out so I could scan his ugly/cute self.

Kim embellished her doll with a cute crocheted flower. I am going to put some small buttons down the front of Pendleton's striped shirt to finish him off. The eyes on both are black shank-style buttons.

Want to make your own Sprockets, Pendleton or ??? Just make a Comment on this post and I'll send you information on getting your own Sprockets design on linen to hook yourself.

Happy Hooking!

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