Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Not Your Right to Copy!

I've read some alarming posts on Facebook and the blogs I follow over the weekend regarding designer copyright violations. Some of the situations described are pretty blatant breaking of the law, and the people engaging in these activities are making no effort to hide what they're doing! I've been made aware of one web site in particular, which I won't name before I do a little more research, but they offer downloadable patterns that members scan and upload to this site, and other people can then download - for free, or a much lower cost than buying the pattern legitimately through the designer or a reputable shop or web site. I'm told there are sellers on eBay and Etsy engaging in copyright infringement activities as well.

Designers make their livings from their intellectual property and ideas, and they sell them to support themselves and their families. When others think it's OK to share patterns, going so far as to upload them to a web site to be downloaded by hundreds or thousands of others, free of charge, it really is like stealing from that designer!

If you are aware of activities like this going on, please share your findings! Together we can get these sites shut down and maybe get some people prosecuted. Make no mistake - copyright laws in this country are strong, they're real, and the penalties can include possible jail time! So, think twice before you make a copy of a pattern to share with a friend or group of friends. Let a designer know when you find their patterns being distributed in ways you know they don't offer them - most designers don't offer e-patterns, but that said, I know a few who do. If you make items to sell, be sure to give the designer credit for the original design. If you have any questions at all about a designer's terms in regard to their patterns, email, call, get the information before you get into trouble!

This has been a public service announcement from Simple Folk. ;-) Seriously though, drop a dime on these people who make it even harder for designers to make a living. Support the folks who create such wonderful things for all of us to enjoy!



Robin said...

Thank you for that !! It is tough to make a living when anyone who wants a pattern, doesn't have to buy it, they can just pirate it and go on their merry way ....

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Many thanks Wendy...and um...I OUTED them!!!
blessed be!

A Glass Artist said...

Wendy got it!


Terry said...

It's so frustrating and it really is tough to make a living. Thanks Lori for "outing" them and Wendy for posting!

Bittersweetfolkart said...

Many thanks Wendy ..yes..this needs to be stopped!

Patrice said...

Stopping by from My Field of Dreams. I really admire what you're doing here. I'm into writing and have recently become interested in publishing an e-book. You wouldn't believe how easily people steal them and upload them to sell on their own. The internet is like the Wild Wild West! Good luck getting the outlaws.

Stacey said...

Thank you so much for sharing and helping to make others aware. It's a best beginning, as we dig through everything and find out how best to go forward.