Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hearts Go Pitter Patter

I got to see my precious little Sophie last weekend. That's me holding her. Recently she found her thumb and makes use of it a lot! I hear from Mom & Dad that she uses it to comfort herself and go back to sleep during the night. When I visited in March I saw her voraciously mouthing her whole hand, and it wasn't long after that my son told me she'd found her thumb. Is there anything cuter? That's a heart-warmer for sure!

Here's another: I just finished a hooked piece with hearts in neutral shades. This is a section of it. After admiring some antique and not-so-antique rugs around Valentine's Day that were done in neutrals, I was obsessed with doing one myself. On a trip to a friend's shop I spied a great, old wooden box with a wonderful patina, and it was just the right size to fill with my hooks, scissors and wool strips when I go to my rug guild meeting or a class. It cried out for a hooked piece for the front, so it came home with me. The colors on the box, both of the wood and some paint spills and such on it inspired my neutral palette of browns and ivories, with just a touch of a faded robin's egg blue here and there. I actually did two neutral heart pieces and am working to get both into a paper pattern which I'll (hopefully) offer for sale at this weekend's Camp Wool hook-in, where I'm vending. A picture of the rug-mounted box will be forthcoming, as soon as I "clean it up" a bit in my graphic program.

The rain has stopped and I can almost hear the grass growing! I bet things will really POP in the next few days. Have a good one!


Penny said...

Sweet baby girl!! Love that she found her thumb... too cute!
I'm liking your heart rug, and look forward to seeing it when you have it mounted on the box. I'm sure it will be fabulous.

newburyarts said...

*****she is really beautiful...so
enjoy her a great deal grandma...and i'll do the same with mine! grandpa