Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beary Cute

This munchkin and her parents spent the weekend at Nana's house - that's me! What a special time I had bonding with her. So many hugs and kisses! I loved feeding her, burping her, letting her nap for hours in my arms. Just the best! And how great is this newfangled thing called the "Boppy" pillow?? Wish I'd invented that! It would have made my life so much easier 30 years ago.

I'm just so impressed at how great my son, Russ is with his baby - both of them, really, but a lot of guys his age wouldn't want to be bothered, or they'd be totally flummoxed at the thought of dealing with a squirmy, fussy little creature. Russ is very hands-on and can take on any baby-related task as if he's been doing it all his life. I'm so proud of him! Mom Tracey is great with her too, very confident, not a bit nervous for a new mom. They're already great parents. I think I must have been a basket case when my son was born. I didn't have a clue how to handle a baby. We all learned together!

The little angel has gone back home now, and the house is sadly quiet again. I hope it won't be long before they come back for another visit! I keep reliving different moments over and over again in my head. Guess I'll be on a "Nana high" for a few days!

Hope you had great weekend too!


acorn hollow said...

Oh I could kiss that sweet little neck. The dads are much more involved now than when my daughter was born although my husband was a great dad and did try.
so fun being nana.

Ellie's Country Accents said...

She is so adorable. Grands are wonderful. I love watching my sons with their little ones. They are very hands on.

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! What a sweet little bundle! "Nana high" is a great way to word it! :-)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Soooo Darling! How special it must feel to see your own child raising one of their own. I'm hoping to experience that one day... but not anytime real soon :) Hoping my newlywed son waits until they finish college!

~Sara said...

What fun to have your grand baby for a few days. Mine used to live four hours away and I only saw them a few days a month. They now live close by and the oldest is four years old. They are so much fun, getting to see their little personalities. So happy for you.Savor in the sweetness of them. Blessings ~Sara