Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Yesterday was my birthday. Let's just say it was my 39th birthday, as one of my former classmates suggested as he wished me Happy Birthday on my Facebook page. Yeah, I'll take that number! Actually, I'm a tad older - just a tad - but we all know that we never ask a woman her age, so we'll leave that right there...

Last year at birthday time I almost posted a picture with my real age but I was a little depressed about it and thought better of that idea. With another year added I'm still a bit depressed about the whole age thing but have resigned myself to it, embraced it in a way. I mean, considering the alternative, I'll happily accept another notch on the belt of life as opposed to, well, no more. I had a very nice birthday and now it's time to move on! Birthdays are almost like New Year's for me, always so full of promise for "this year" and the list of goals that go along with that. I'm trying not to put that kind of pressure on myself this year. Maybe I'm getting wiser (notice I left out older) and a little kinder to myself. We'll see as time relentlessly marches on...

OK, enough about me - to the left is a great new needlepunch pattern from Country Stitches called "Trick or Tweet", the next cool dimensional bird design after the very popular "Home Tweet Home". I received a big ole box with 17 new patterns for all kinds of wonderful projects - penny rugs, needlepunch, stitchery and even a little mouse magic! You might want to scoot over to my What's New page and check out everything that's been added lately. Some sell-outs have occurred (I buy rather judiciously these days given the economy) but stock will be replaced.

Did I mention the weather was absolutely perfect on my special day yesterday? I was able to sit out on a dock on Casco Bay and have lunch, then dine deck-side at a super restaurant on the water while watching more boats. Idyllic to be sure! Check the link to this restaurant over to the left under Links You'll Like - Royal River Grillhouse - and if you're heading north to Maine this summer you might just want to add this to your list of places to visit.

Enjoy your day!

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Kim said...

Happy belated birthday. Cherish every year, as they go too fast. My friend has a trick. She always tells people she is alot older than she actually is. Then they tell her how great she looks for her age! lol