Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Hangover

After months of preparation, WHOOSH!! Christmas is over in a flash. I'm always amazed at how quickly it's over once the day arrives. This year was particularly busy with various family get-togethers and things going on at work. Much food was prepared and consumed, and I'm so looking forward to getting on that treadmill at lunchtime tomorrow! I've fallen off the diet bandwagon badly since Thanksgiving and it's time to atone!

It's also time to start putting things on sale to help make way for the new. Shown above is Santa & Snow by Lake View Primitives, one of a handful of doll patterns added back to the web site and in the Sale Bin at half-price. You'll also find some patterns by Walnut Ridge Primitives there.

Some cross-stitch patterns from PrimitiveBettys have been placed in the Sale Bin in the new Cross-Stitch section as well. I'll be adding more things as I have time to gather them and update the web site.

Hope you had a great Christmas! This will be a short week with New Year's Eve on Thursday. We'll stay home as usual and keep off the roads, probably watching some of the Three Stooges' marathon on AMC or the annual Twilight Zone marathon on Sy Fy. What party animals we are! Well, better head off to bed - 5:45 will be here before I know it...


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