Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Geez'em Crow!

That's a saying they use up here in Maine - it's a nicer way to exclaim something else. Anyway - has it really been a month since I posted anything?? Again I say, "Geez'em Crow!" I guess time really does get away from a person. I find myself routinely swept away in the tide of full-time work, nightly routine of preparing a meal for hubby and myself, clean-up afterwards and making lunches and snacks for the next workday, not to mention wanting a little breathing time to relax, maybe watch a little TV and catch up with what's going on with my husband too. Oh, and I have a web site and all that's involved there as well... All of a sudden I'm pooped!! BUT - I do have some newsworthy updates, so watch this space for another post soon, promise!

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