Monday, June 29, 2009


It's been a sobering few days with the high-profile celebrity deaths in the news. Two on the same day with Farrah Fawcett losing her battle with anal cancer, then the shocking news about Michael Jackson. Jackson's death immediately took over news reporting, putting Farrah Fawcett's story on the back burner and all the news media scrambling to put memorials and tributes together for both of them. God, their heads must have been spinning! Mine was just trying to comprehend it all. Then yesterday we heard about famous pitch man Billy Mays (OxiClean, Orange Glo, etc.) and his surprise death after being hit on the head during a rough plane landing in Tampa. Today's news seems to rule out the hit on the head as a cause of death, listing underlying heart disease, but my money's still on the hit on the head. I'll be very interested to know the results of Michael Jackson's autopsy. Liza Minnelli was quoted as saying, "All Hell's gonna break loose" after the results are in, perhaps she knows a lot more about what Jackson might have been taking. At any rate, it will be news for some time to come. Reminds me of the whole Anna Nicole Smith story when she died abruptly after accidentally overdosing on drugs.

Now I realize and understand what Michael Jackson did for music, changing rock 'n roll completely, but I was never a big fan. However, I can't seem to get some of his early songs out of my head the past few days. And I can't seem to separate the more sordid side of his life from his musical talents. That's how I'll remember him for the most part.

So it's been a disconcerting few days, my thoughts dwelling on death and the darkness in people. I am unsettled, feel very vulnerable and unprotected. All the continued rain isn't helping. We had such a glorious day in Maine Saturday, my spirit just soared! It's amazing what a beautiful, sunny day can do for the soul! Thank God for that day, it may help get me through the next few with more rain forecast. The local news folks were even talking about landslides and roads washing away with all the rain. The ground is just so saturated. Crops are being damaged, plants and flowers ruined, mushrooms and dampness everywhere! This is summer?? June, my birthday month and usually my favorite, has been ugly, gray and sad. Maybe Mother Nature is a little depressed over all the death and bad news lately too. Can't say I blame her!

I hope things are better where you are!

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