Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warm Winter Wool

Finally had a chance to add these new wool packets to my web site - from Blackberry Patchworks, these Wooly Charms packs are cutely packaged sets of five 5" squares of the same hand-dyed formula over five different textured base wools. Shown is the Purty Pink pack. There are thirteen others, including a Fab 5 pack that contains five random colors, whatever was in the dye pot that day. These packs, perfect for penny rugs and other wool applique, sell for $8.50 each. I love the two buttons used to hold the squares together! An extra added bonus for other crafting.

It's so nice to work with wool when the weather is cold and snowy, like it was today. We've picked up close to 10" of the white stuff, more than has fallen since October. Winter has finally arrived, in the month when we're usually snow-weary and looking forward to getting those seed catalogs in the mail and planning our spring gardens. The great thing about March is, no matter how much snow we get, it won't hang around very long. We may be back in the mid 40s in a few days. I'll say that I'll take a big dumping of snow over the terrible tornadoes they've been having in the midwest. If that's where you live, please be safe!

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acorn hollow said...

we got about 7 inches and I can't wait until it's gone.