Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Model for Sale

This is the original model for Stacy Nash's cross-stitch pattern, Two Crows Scalloped Pinkeep, made by Stacy herself. Aged to look like a family heirloom piece passed down through generations, it holds some rusty pins and a few little antique ivory buttons. Two black crows crown the top with some alphabet letters and a "practice row", then some wonderful Colonial-inspired motifs at the bottom. It is backed with a nice reproduction cotton in a black print and is firmly stuffed with what feels like sawdust, very hefty.

Looking for a good home! It can be purchased for $75 from my web site.

Is the sun shining where you live? Please send a little our way! We're very rain-weary after about eight days of gloom, drizzle and shower after rain shower! Uncle!!


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