Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glad it's almost Friday!

It's been, as they say, "a week". Super-busy, pretty stressful, but I think I'm gonna make it! Thanks again so much for the support over my vent post the other day. That really made a difference!

I went back and read that post several times and came to the conclusion that I probably shouldn't have posted it after all, so you'll notice that it's been deleted. I don't like myself in that mode and the more I read what I wrote the more I regretted it. I suppose it served the purpose of purging from my system, and so it's out! Time to move on...

So, now to segue from sad and mad to Glad - as in Glad Tidings, Country Stitches/With Thy Needle & Thread's newest 3-design set with an awesome St. Nick and snowman doll atop a little box, "quick sew" wool applique picture and St. Nick needlepunched tree ornament. This made me smile when it arrived on Wednesday!

I've finished mailing all the Cyber Monday orders - took me 3 trips to the post office this week after work! So, if you're waiting anxiously for your goodies, they are on their way - thanks again for your orders!

This is the time that I start getting into the holiday spirit - the first weekend of December, filled with local craft fairs, nursery open houses and stands of fresh-cut Christmas trees in lots everywhere. A little - very little - snow would help, but I'm not wishing too hard for that! Trying to keep the snow away until after the weekend of the 18th, when we make our annual trek back home to have an early Christmas celebration with my family. Once we're safely back home, bring it on!

Glad Tidings to all this holiday season! Have a great weekend,

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